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  • 4/3/13 Blood draw redux

    , Posted in: Uncategorized, Author: admin (April 3, 2013)

    Luke never ceases to amaze me. Today, expecting only to give blood, Dr Porto said that we may as well try to get that baseline ECG. Paul and I exchanged "uh-oh" glances. And we thought that starting with the ECG would be easier.


    A psychiatrist was there to help ease him into compliance. But none of it was necessary. I showed him the 'octopus' and Luke seemed to shrug it off. I mean, really, with Clifford on his DVD, he was blase about the whole thing.


    There was a bit of a concern when the machine itself didn't work correctly, but that was resolved. And Luke sat on Paul's lap, wired for sound, and waited patiently. What a champ! It really made a lot of sense to introduce him to the wires and leads before hand – make a game out of it.


    And even the blood work wasn't problematic. Still firmly and lovingly held by his dad, Luke extended his left arm and sang the lyrics to the song as the required blood was drawn.


    And now the clock is reset for the 4-6 week wait. But the relief in knowing that the worst is over and Luke can submit and comply to these medical examinations is palpable.


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