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  • “Wha?”

    , Posted in: Uncategorized, Author: admin (August 21, 2013)



    We are nearing the end of the double blind trial. Sept 4 is our next appointment and it will be a big one: urine, blood, eeg, neurological, and questionnaire for us. But it also is the day we enter the open trial and receive the actual drug.


    Luke has been on something: he is speaking more words, is calmer, listens to requests and acts without me having to repeat myself, is parroting speech, and is so happy. Almost high. Within 20 minutes of his dose, he is hyper, laughing hysterically, and verbose. We have had to dose him earlier in the day so he – and we -can sleep.


    I joke with him. I will walk over to him and ask 'what'? He thinks it is a riot. So now he goes around the apt saying 'wha'? and cracking up.


    Let's hope this joy, this happiness, is still part of his DNA.


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