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  • 6/2/13 I think he’s on the drug…

    , Posted in: Uncategorized, Author: admin (June 2, 2013)

    On Mother's Day, Luke called me 'mommy' for the first time. Not 'mamamamamy', or simply the last syllable, 'me', but mommy. He wanted his DVD, so the sentence was, "Mommy, D?". That's gotta be the drug.


    He's calmer, more communicative, and listens to instructions better. He also is expressing more spontaneous speech. I'll admit that most of it takes place in front of Elmo or Barney, but it is quantitatively more speech! I'll take it.


    He also is pronouncing words better – beginning and final sounds. He used to just utter the final sound, so 'cat' was 't'. Now it's 'cat'.

    It must be the drug.


    4th visit coming up. Blood draw, urine, and ECG – the works. I am sidelined with a herniated disc, so Paul will bring him.


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