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    There are over a quarter of a million special needs children and their families in the Big Apple eagerly waiting to learn about your services and products. And these numbers are growing:


    • Nearly 15,000 NYC children receive services through early intervention
    • 177,000 NYC children receive services or attend special education classes in public schools, up 18,000 students from last year
    • 90,000 NYC children attend private special education schools
    • The number of NYC group homes for the young adult and adult special needs population increased 240% between 1987-1999 and that number continues to grow
    • Countless numbers of NYC special needs adults are still living at home
    • 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with autism (1 in 70 boys)


    These children and adults are loved and cared for by their parents, other family members, guardians, or foster parents who are constantly seeking ways to help them achieve their full potential. This is a huge population that is grossly underserved.


    We are your target audience. Big Apple Oranges is a comprehensive website, translated in over 40 languages, that informs these families about navigating the educational, health, and support systems that help these otherwise-abled children. So let us know about your business and help provide a valuable resource for this deserving population.


    You can choose one of three advertising periods: 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. Your ad will appear on every page of the website, flashing and alternating with other advertisers, so readers always see your ad regardless of where they are on the site. We offer a full color ad that clicks to your website.


    Your ad must be sent in jpeg form and payment can be a check or Paypal.
    If paying by check, please download and print your form here, and mail along with your check made payable to Big Apple Oranges, c/o Elaine Stillerman, P O Box 150337, Brooklyn, NY 11215-0337. For Paypal payment, email at us info@bigappleoranges.com for instructions.



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